A Gokwe born artist Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe is pleased to be hosting household names in the Sungura circles like First Farai and Joseph Garakara on his debut album launch.

The Secret Number and Idya Banana hitmakers are both set to perform during the Mabhanan’ana album launch slotted for the 23rd of July.

Speaking to My Gokwe Social & Entertainment, Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe said he was very humbled to be hosting trademark names in the industry like First Farai and Joseph Garakara.

He added that, “besides the two big names, Tindo Ngwazi (Mark Ngwazi’s brother), Rhino and Jonex (Ba Sky) they will also perform” on this show which is to be held at Club RTS, Domboramwari Shops Epworth.

Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe advised fans to come in their numbers for this show as it will mark his first stride in the music industry and he promised that his band, Earthquake Attack will never disapoint them.

“The new album will have six tracks, including Kuchema Kwangu, a single tribute which I released during the lockdown as a tribute to my parents”, he said.

Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe Album Launch Poster

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