MDC-T has nominated Ward 35 Councilor, Luckson Mukunguma to take over from the besieged Herbert Gomba whom they recently called after being implicated in corruption issues.

Mukunguma responded to the development by bemoaning corrupt activities of his predecessor and other 10 councilors who were part of Gomba’s team.

It has emerged that the process to recall Gomba and his allies took almost two months to implement as they offered USD 80,000 to crush the process. As such, Mukunguma promised to prioritize service delivery, shunning corruption, separation of personal business from council business and pledged loyalty to the party which have honoured him that much.

The new Harare Mayor has also been tasked to assume mayoral duties including the repossession of unprocedurally allocated land by the Harare City Council.

Other councilors have been tasked to undertake audit of the COVID-19 lockdown

Councilors seem to have welcomed the newly appointed leader

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