As part of My Gokwe Media House to unveil the Gokwe Legends, we had an opportunity to chat with Mr Felex Mungwena who is the Agricultural Extention Worker and at the same time manages the Gadze Village Irrigation Scheme.

In our previous report we shared with you the launching of the Manoti Garden and Water Scheme in the Gadze Village in the Mkoka Chieftainship of Gokwe. Today we are here to present the further improvements in this scheme.

There was a greatest improvement yesterday, which is most probably the first of its own kind towards water preservation and agricultural revolution in Gokwe, attached the Government’s Pfumvudza Initiative.

This comes with the installation of the modern systems of irrigation to preserve water but at the same time maintaining the required amounts.

Today we fitted drip irrigation material on that garden chaaChirungu,” said Mr Mungwena.

They are using a borehole system and erected two tanks. The water is used for irrigation, drinking livestock and to support the Gadze Village and the surroundings. As such to curb for water shortage they came out with this noble idea.

We added drip irrigation system on 0.06ha. The drip lines are marked 30cm frm plant to plant so inoisa mvura (it places water at a) pacorrect point as compared to sprinkler irrigation – it wastes a lot of water so we turn it on at 6am and off at 9am then on again at 4pm to 7pm kut (so that) 6hrs dzikwane (will be enabled) so we planted sugarbeans pakat (inbetween) for intercrop purpose,” said Mr Mungwena.

There is no worry that the teats will be blocked for they use clean water and rightful installation of the system.

The teat or minyatso should face kumusoro kuitira kut patodzima isaSucker mhepo it blocks the drip lines” Mr Mungwena clarified in Shona.

The Garden is owned solely by a local businessman who is also helping the villagers on other projects such as bakery and transport.

Owner is Nomore Nyandoro a.k.a Nyamasvisva or owner of Nyamasvisva transport in Gokwe,” said Mr Mungwena.

For more detail contact us we will link you with Mr Mungwena who is ready to give further clarifications and assistance if need be.

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