Political madness is a situation where by real political principles are overshadowed by political noise, propaganda, populism and hate.

In the past weeks the Zimbabwean ruling party, ZANU PF was blessed by a visit from her counterpart in South Africa, ANC.

The visit was purely a ruling party from south of the Limpopo visiting another ruling party north of the Limpopo.

What alarmed me was a social media outcry from the ‘internal forces’ crying to meet the members of the ruling party from South Africa.

Both ZANU PF and ANC delegates maintained as in the previous visit that the meeting was going to involve ZANU PF and ANC only and not the other party or individual.

Worse more, most attacked was Mr Patrick Chinamasa who openly declared that the South African delegation was here only for ZANU PF.  He added that those who felt they want to meet these envoys may make their own separate arrangement.

Others who requested to be met like, Dr Simba Makoni, ZAPU, Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum, MDC-Alliance and US Ambassador, you need to be patient. There will be a next time -Cde” wrote Nick Mangwana on his Twitter citing @Magashule_Ace.

How South Africa have contributed to the Zimbabwean Political Madness

The people of Zimbabwe hit by the socio-economic and political crisis have come to believe that only a third person in the name of South Africa or SADC will come to rescue them.

This stems from the role the two played in the previous polarization that led to the formation of the Global Political Agreement that was dissolved in 2013. Since then people of Zimbabwe began to bank on the South Africans as their masters.

 This kind of madness have manifested itself in self aborted so-called demos that are called following utterances by Julius Malema.

The role of Malema in making Zimbabweans fools must be fully documented so that one day he will be called to pay.

I talk of the #Operation close the Zimbabwean Embassy in Johannesburg. This was followed by #Close the Beitbridge Boarder. Still more #Tags are being launched as long as Malema is free to make his utterances.

The question to ask is; Is there anyone who is in a position to solve the Zimbabwean problem or shall we wait for 2023?

As for me I believe it’s high time and waste of time to think of ending the Zimbabwean problem through the so-called Dialogue. Our solution lies not with ZANU, MDCs, Civil Societies, USA or Church Leaders. Our solution is on the ballot box come 2023. The people of Zimbabwe will speak through the ballot box not the noise and propaganda of politicians, not the social media (Twitter and Facebook) or cyber systems.

The ANC as a South African Ruling Party

ANC is not a South African government. First people must understand the lines between ANC as a South African Ruling Party and South African Government, failure of which adds to madness.

By what capacity can President Ramaphosa send his delegation to Zimbabwe to question the Zimbabwean government about its governance? Once, one answers this question s/he will not have problem with the ANC delegation.

It happened in 2009/10 that Thabo Mbeki in his capacity as the SA head of state came to arbitrate between Mugabe and Tswangirai. What must be mentioned is that he was sent from and reporting direct to the SADC. Otherwise, I remember when at one point he passed through Zimbabwe and was attacked by opposition for coming to take his job description.

ANC have no capacity to come to arbitrate between our Zimbabwean government and its opposition forces. That can never happen and even ZANU PF in its normal state of mind will not allow that. Never.

Nothing will stop ANC from coming to Zimbabwe. What we need as Zimbabweans is political maturity to know that ZANU is a ruling party in Zimbabwe. ANC is a ruling party in South Africa.

No political party is greater or inferior than the other. Zimbabwe is not South Africa’s captive state. ANC and ZANU can only meet as twin brothers to share their experience.

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