Another election result shock for MDCA, a time bomb to tell them the reality of politics that numbers are not fixed and that maturity is a true badge of politics.

Yesterday MDC Alliance candidate for Marondera mayoral elections, Bornface Tagwireyi, was defeated by MDC-T candidate Simbarashe Nyahuye.

It was seemingly a very tight contest held at council chambers. Seven councilors cast their votes, including a Zanu-PF councilor.

Nyahuye polled four votes, while Tagwireyi got three votes.

Excited by this electoral land slide victory, MDC-T interim secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora declared that the reason for recalling councilors is that they cease to represent the party interest and got involved in corrupt tendencies.

 “We are elated at the election of councilor Nyahuye. We recalled those councillors after realising that they had ceased to be members of the MDC-T as well as being involved in corruption,” said Mwonzora

It’s high time for the MDCA to feel the heat and stop implicating their defeat to ZANU PF and rigging. It’s time they start to rent and be in a position to identify those with MDCA against those with MDCT.

Otherwise by 2023 MDCT will have pulled them to the core. Right now the MDCT targets Harare following the recall of newly elected Mayor Mafume by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) formation led by Lucia Matibenga.

Mafume replaced Gomba who was recalled by the MDCT on failure to adhere to the party dictates and allegations of corruption. He defeated the MDCT candidate with 4 votes. Now the MDCT is set to claim back the mayorship.

We are going back to Harare to deal with the mess there. Now that PDP has recalled Mafume, we are now set for another election to replace him,” said Mwonzora.

It’s time for the MDCA to wake up and prepare for the ‘rains’ while it is too early.

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