There is an outcry that security guards in Gokwe are not communicating with the public before they point their thermometers.

Pictures flooding the media shows a lady who tried to flee from the security guard who suddenly pointed a thermometer towards her.

“It was thermophobia as it came,” she said upon asking why she tried to flee

The lady went to highlight that she was not comfortable with these thermometers as she alleged that they are imported from countries which have many cases for COVID-19

 There is great information asymmetry when it comes to the issue of COVID-19 with most of the guards not clear as to why do they use thermometers.

Most people around the areas of Gokwe Nembudzia are not providing full information about why they are pointing thermometers on the public especially security guards. Some awareness campaign should be put to notify the people on the purposes of the thermometers, why they’re used and how they should be used.

On the other hand the use of sanitizers should be notified to the communities as one family was admitted last week at Gokwe North Rural District Hospital as the consume food soon after using sanitizers and not rinsing their hands with water afterwards.

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