The government of Zimbabwe Secretary for Information dismissed as fake the Twitter message inscribed @nickmangwana, claiming the schools will be closing on Friday.

The reasons for the closing of schools as cited in this message is the level of immorality going on in schools since the opening of schools on the 28th August.

There was a hint given by the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, that the government may consider closing of schools any time as they did in April as a response to Covid-19.

 However, the level of this crisis seems stable but the only challenge is that teachers declared incapacitation on the opening day. This was followed by video clips and photos of school pupils going wild in sexual explicit orientation.

This triggered a new feeling on the section of the Zimbabwean society that there is need to close schools as the government and the teachers are yet to agree on the salary negotiations. Hence, this ended in the production of this fake message which Mangwana dismissed as illegitimate and a joke.

This is making rounds on WhatsApp. It’s not legit. Just someone’s sick joke.

This comes at a time when the government is geared for the second phase opening of the schools.

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