The greatest Wealthy is not something faraway, or hard to acquire. It is not found from someone else but from you. And it is your talent.

Most people fail to push their talents, they may even ignore them but expects the best in the world .You want the best in the world, look at the mirror that is all you have to bring your richness home. The youngsters of this generation have learnt what the world is giving and used that as a given chance to bring their riches home by working through their talents.

Praise Makandise (Popmore) aged 18, a young female artist in Masvingo is working on her talent as a singer though some girls of her age defined this as a waste of time but she took it as a blessing in disguise.

It is a challenge to all the youngsters who think it is too early to fight for your talent, you never know what your tomorrow will be. Life is a book with different chapters, so one of the chapters may require you to give your talent.

Different difficulties rise but they should not draw us back. No talent is small and no talent is useless. Give yourself time to learn what you are doing, whether it is really your thing or not. No matter what it is?

Blessed with talents means we have to bring them to the world .It is not for your own benefit but for the whole world. Do not be carried away by certain things, Fail everything but do not fail to bring the greatness in you on the table because when the richest people are being mentioned your name is already there.

Do not compare your talent to that of someone. In other cases we may have a common talent but that doesn’t make us competitors. It means we all have something to bring to the world. Once you compete you end up failing to fight for your talent and may feel inferior whilst you are strong.

Have the guts to press the first button and it will flow for you. Stand firm and bring your talent to the world. Our blood is still young and fresh, it holds a greater future and brighter leaders of next generation. We are the change we want to see and it can only come if we fight to change it.

Our blood is still fresh to give our talents chance to be displayed and we will reach the top of the pyramid because we are the Princesses and Princes of the nation who holds everything in their hands.

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