Our pleasure as My Gokwe Media to help de-myths and de-stereotype the socio-economic reality of the Gokwe society.

To achieve this, in our search and establish Gokwe Legends, we had an opportunity to meet and bag a youthful Sungura Music Legend, Boss Mogaga, a pure son of Gokwe.

He started by clarifying his real identity for the sake of his fans and followers.

I am Zephania Muziro, with a stage name Raymond Muziro but in the streets they call me Boss Mogaga.”

He was born at the Kana Mission and went to Mateta 2 Primary School for Grade 1-6, then grade 7 at Budiriro 2 Primary School in Harare where he did his Secondary level.

As a co-founder of the Mogaga Sounds he also gave a clarification on the root of his alliance with one called Ray.

I was a band manager for Extra Power Musica led by Alexa Kerry Chiringa, that’s where I met Shacky and other guys who were assisting Alexa,” he said.

Through his charisma and experience he gained for that year, he managed to break and at the same time taking cover for Ray who was afraid of his former master, Kapfupi.

We worked for a year together that’s the time we started planning to start our own group with shacky. But since shacky was a key member for Kapfupi he was afraid of victimization from his boss and that was our major problem. So takawirirana kuti (we agreed) I will be leading the group iye ari (while he will) back stage,” he said.

So far due to hard working they boast of two albums all of which broke the radio waves. He also collaborated other senior musicians both in Gokwe and outside.

“We have two albums so far and the first one is called Mhuri Yakabatana which we did with the famous Gift Katulike aka Shiga Shiga who once worked with the late Tongai Moyo. On the other one called Hazvina Kujeka, we are shooting videos and we did it with a fellow Gokwe son called Zhuzhaland.”

The band boasts of 6 members and it is well organised taking advantage of Boss Mogaga’s experience in the music industry. He worked with a number of musicians before starting his own outfit.

I first worked with Rugare Holy Vibes, then Extra Power Musica, Joy Commander and Boys dzenyombwe, Nyaminyami Sounds and Pardon Ndigume among others. We also did shows with Aleck Macheso and Leornard Zhakata as curtain refers.

He is also looking for serious local guitarists from Gokwe to men his band. The current guitarists he works with are all from Harare they only come when they have shows.

Most of the guys I meet they are not serious so I end up ndakushanda nevekure (working with outsiders). I will be happy ndikawana (if I get) team relocal zvoita nyore (locals it will be easy.

Apart from music, he also does some small business to earn a living and to look after his children.

I have a small business I do selling Cosmatics. I am single father with 2 boys age 6 both.

We are fully assured that judging from the music industry alone, Gokwe is rich, full of talent. Talk of others who have left Gokwe in search of Greener pastures; Gift Case Amuli, Somandla Ndebele, Edwin Hama and Eliot Vahombe Gwafa, to name but just a few.

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