One of Gokwe Town’s leading retailing shop, Magic Moments Spar Gokwe leads the CSR programmes in the town as it continues to give back to the Gokwe community.

On Wednesday, the esteemed organisation extended its hands to the Gokwe Orphanage at St Agnes Gokwe Children.

Magic Moments donated food stuffs such as sugar, tea leaves, cooking oil, drinks, milk, grains and other stuffs as they hope that “with the little we left our children can have at least one meal a day.

Posting on its Facebook page, the organisation wrote:

With the Covid Pandemic at its peak we decided to spend the day with the orphaned and vulnerable children at St AGNES GOKWE CHILDREN.S HOME and Offer our support and hope they needed in such times…

With the little we left our children can have at least one meal a day.

Stay blessed…

Gesture by the retailing organisation was welcomed by its fans who were sharing positive comments to the story.

One follower commented, “We really appreciate your extended hand Spar Magic Moments family continue with the spirit of giving because the hand that give receiveth.

Woow great deeds this is wonderful thank you for looking at us as a community may God bless you Spar Magic Moments staff and Directors we are better together,” another fan commented.

Another fan praised the organisation by writing, “Many thanks for CSR you are an entity of the community for the community by the community.

It was unfortunate that My Gokwe Media team could not reach Israel, the Stores Manager for Magic Moments Gokwe to have his few comments on this welcomed gesture by the Gokwe Community.

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