MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says former opposition allies who have ditched the party to join the rival Zanu-PF were pursuing personal interests at the expense of the masses.

The past few weeks have seen opposition officials Lillian Timveous, Blessing Chebundo, Tracy Mutinhiri, Obert Gutu and James Makore make a beeline for Zanu-PF ranks.

Last year, former Masvingo legislator Tongai Matutu also jumped ship to be part of Zanu-PF.

Following their defections, the once ardent drivers of the MDC cause have all been paraded ostentatiously by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House.

Speaking exclusively to Friday, Chamisa said his erstwhile colleagues were driven by selfish interests.

The challenge with some politicians is that they choose to pursue individual interests over the people’s cause.

Such is not good leadership. Public leadership is about service and sacrifice, being upright and principled,” he said.

The MDC politicians who have jumped ship have all condemned the main opposition for failing to reinvigorate itself and mount a formidable challenge for state authority.

Mutinhiri, once a Zanu-PF loyalist before her surprise move to MDC, said her departure was inspired by the realisation the main opposition was a “white man’s party“.

Gutu said he would want to be party to the Zanu-PF government’s Vision 2030 dream while Makore said he felt no longer wanted in MDC because of his advanced age.

Meanwhile, in his comments, Chamisa said the departure of the senior politicians who have anchored the opposition ranks for years granted the opportunity for younger leaders to emerge within his party.

When an old dry leaf falls off, a new fresh shoot is there to replace it. There can never be any renewal without exfoliation or peeling off of the tired and the lifeless.

This is a perfect opportunity to restart, reboot,” he said.

Credit: Newsday

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