My research and observations shows me that the ‘women and girls’ are in a dangerous state especially in this country.

There is no doubt that they will engage in dangerous occupations looking for money for survival.

Nowadays, the life in this country is ‘the survival of the fittest’, and to be the fittest there is need for money.

The percentage of unemployment is thought to be 95%, then this is poisonous to the societies and communities and the country on its own.

The so called, ‘amablesser‘ will loot girls for sexual involvements so that they can earn a living through their bodies.

I foresee a high rate in terms of statistics of dropouts due to pregnancy, and this is so painful.

This continued lockdown is good but bad. Its effects are paradoxical to the societies. In terms of controlling COVID-19 it’s good, but let’s look at the negative impacts of it to the communities.

In continuation, I foresee a high rate of divorces to the married ones and high rate of breakups to those in relationships.

A lot of women has been used as sex materials by Devilish managers at their works, just because they want to be promoted on the positions. This is so painful, I feel pity for those who do so and their husbands.

Since people are different, some are careless and some are careful, the careless ones will engage in sexual intercourse without protection and this will accelerate the rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

I encourage organisations like DREAMS, SAYWHAT and many more not to sleep during this time around. This is the time when the communities really need them. I take those organisations as the shields of the communities during this storm.

In addition, I encourage individuals to assist each other in terms of guidance and counseling.

The above mentioned organizations should continue with educational campaigns and all other strategies that might control the rate of breakups, divorces, spread of STIs, abortion and many more.

Finally, the government should try and assist the vulnerable ones with food and all other staff that might help them not to go for bad for survival.

‘Hunger is a disease and its cure is food’, therefore, those with something that can help the communities may help without looting women and girl, that is being directed by the Devil, let us all eradicate the Devil’s mindset and have a Godly mindset with desire to help without damage.

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