As corrupt practices seem on the rise with the Rushwaya case engulfing many key officials and authorities the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) Calls the Public to actively participate in fighting corruption.

In a statement reaching My Gokwe Media through the ZACConline, all public officials taking bribes must be reported.

To bring down corruption fellow citizens report all public officials soliciting for a bribe. Let us all create an UNFAVOURABLE environment for the corrupt. Corruption ends with me and you,” reads the statement.

However, some members of the Public saw the calls by ZACC as arrest trap since ZACC have failed to protect those who report such cases.

If those who write about it are arrested & persecuted for it, what more someone who dares to report holding actual evidence that someone is bieng corrupt. Until witness & whistleblower protection actually becomes a thing hapana hapana,” wrote Cathrine Marise.

Some sees ZACC statement as an attempt to divert people from real corrupt practices that are going on through political gurus and their relatives.

Stop irritating us and arrest people behind DRAX and JAJI Zimbabweans are not FOOLS everyone is seeing that Hopewell is being persecuted for talking about corruption. You ONLY target trivial issues, target Opposition, settle ZanuPF factional fights while IGNORING REAL CRIMES,” wrote Ngulube.

However, some dismissed the case of Chin’ono as a political case with nothing to do with reporting corruption cases.

ZACC have walked the talk by bringing many senior government officials and ministers before the law but some members sees it as settling ZANU PF factional battles.

All in all, members of the Public are urged to fight corruption at all cost.

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