People under Headman Mabhandi (Nyuzi), in the Nenyunka Chieftainship were shocked by an incident which happened on the 9th of November 2020 in their Community.

Two women went to Chitekete Business Centre to receive the groceries sent from one’s husband.

It is alleged that the two women are married to the brothers.

On arrival, the two were welcomed by a Kwekwe Poly young man identified to My Gokwe Media as Mike.

He proposed to one of the women who was young and married to the young brother. The woman married to the elder brother connived with the young woman to accept for financial favours.

When the elder woman left the two to discuss, they decided to move to a private place where they spent their night. The other woman decided to retreat to the bus and slept there since it was too late and could not travel a distance of 8km alone in the dark of the night.

On arrival home early in the morning the husband of the young woman asked where they spent the night and at the same time threatening the two woman.

The elder woman revealed the secret thereby compelling the young man to punch his wife with fist blows and sending her back to her family at the same time.

The relatives took the matter to the Headman Siamabhechu popularly known as Nyuzi. The Headman called his court and summoned the two families.

The young woman shocked the listeners when she revealed that she had spent the night with the young man, who gave her a single USD ($1) and a cell phone. She openly declared that she was no longer interested in marriage and was now for the young man.

The court asked if the former husband who is known as a machete guy in the local community did not support her. She clearly revealed that he had brought USD 500 from gold panning from Kwekwe but she was no longer interested in his marriage and love.

The Headman demanded his police to summon the young man but no one volunteered. According to the eyewitnesses, they all feared the young man’s father.

His father took a neighbour’ wife and killed him. His daughter had a conflict with her husband’s young brother whom she reported to his father and the man died on the same day,” said an eyewitness who could not reveal her name.

Another witness also revealed to My Gokwe Media that “the man is also implicated in the mysterious poisoning and death of this young (whose wife has been snatched) woman’s sister. Now like his father, this young man has disturbed our daughter. No one can confront them. They are dangerous.

Many young man especially machete guys were not happy. However, they were hesitant to confront the suspect on the grounds they feared for the life of the young husband.

Since the son have inherited his father’s behaviour, we fear for our lives. At first we had planned to stab the young women grabber at night but our elders restrained us for the family is highly feared and dangerous. We are no way right now,” lamented the friend of the young man whose wife was grabbed.

Since no one was ready to confront and summon the young man, they tried phone calls but all phones went unanswered.

The Headman had little he could do on the matter and promised to resolve the issue once the young man and his parents are brought to the Chief Court.

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