A Gokwe Chitekete born musician Edson Shumba Kana, whose stage name is Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe has promised fireworks in the music industry as he plots to take the Gokwe flag to the highest level through his musical contributions in the country.

The Sungura artist says he has already lined up about five albums which will be released in series year after year until 2026 starting this year.

As for this year, he is hoping to release a debut six track album called Mabhanan’ana, which will include a single track which he once released during the lock down period called “Kuchema Kwangu”.

Kuchema Kwangu was my first project, a single track which I released during the lockdown as a tribute to my parents”, he narrated.

The track was welcomed well by my fans and we have since down a video and because of the response it got from fans, we then thought of adding it to our album ‘Mabhanan’ana”, he excitedly added.

History of Boss Shinde Mwana Gokwe

Speaking to My Gokwe Social & Entertainment, the Gokwe born artist said he was born on the 13th of July 1988 in Gokwe North, Headman Madzivazvido of Chief Chireya where he attended his Primary and Secondary school education.

The musician said he discovered his passion for music when he was doing his Grade 6 at Burure Primary after being inspired by a very young boy whom he saw playing a guitar.

Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe

It was when I was grade 6 in 2002 when I discovered that I had a passion for music. What happened is that there was a Chirisa Band (Local Band) called Shanduko Brothers which came to play at our school whose rhythmist was a very young boy and I felt challenged,” narrated the now Harare based singer.

After feeling challenged, I had to make my own ‘Banjo’ for self-practises, and I had to join Shanduko Brothers for some lessons,” he continued.

Despite falling for music at a tender age, Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe managed to complete his ordinary level and then relocated to Bulawayo where he worked as a till operator before leaving for South Africa in 2010.

In 2012, the Gokwe Singer returned in the country where he worked at Pricable Farm in Kwekwe for three years.

In 2016, the singer rekindled his music passion after his young brother Leonard Manyika Kana linked him with his friends (Last Kazomba- Bassist and Peter Mutede- Lead Guitarist) who were at Denda Brothers (Somandla Ndebele’s Band) where his entry point was Doorman at Denda Brothers.

In 2018, Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe joined First Farai’s band where he worked as the Band Supervisor and gained more experience in the industry until April this year (2022).

During the Lockdown, “I recorded a single track called ‘Kuchema Kwangu’ which was a tribute to my parents and I am planning to add it on the Album I am about to release on the 23rd of July this year. The single already has a video which fans seemed to welcome very well,” he said.

Due to the passion for music as well as ambitions, the singer then created his own band this year called the ‘Earthquak Attack’ which he fronts.

Those who may want to listen to his music you can contact him through WhatsApp 0773865252. He is also on Facebook and Youtube as Boss Shinde MwanaGokwe.

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