The best Teacher forChamisa’s MDC Alliance is the DRC 2019 presidential result. Failure to learn and draw some lessons will throw them into the great shock, come 2023.

MDC-A must stop attributing all its failures and defeats by the MDC-T to ZANU PF. In actually fact it’s a sign of immaturity and acceptance that MDC-A is inferior to ZANU PF. How can people have trust in a party that is always defeated by ZANU PF through MDCT?

If it is true that all the defeats suffered by MDC-A to MDC-T are attributable to ZANU PF, then they have nothing to expect come 2023. It’s either ZANU PF will win clearly or it will win through the MDC-T.

 I’m quite sure, come 2023, MDC-A will most likely utterly shocked by the election result lest they draw lessons from 2018/9 DRC Elections.

On 10 January 2019, the DRC election results were announced with a heavy shock and blow to the main opposition Alliance.

Early this morning, the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) finally announced official but provisional results from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidential elections held on 30 December 2018. Against all available independent evidence, CENI announced Felix Tshisekedi of the opposition Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social (UDPS) as the winner with 38.5%. Martin Fayulu, of the Lamuka opposition alliance, was said to have obtained 34.7% of the votes. The regime’s candidate, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, garnered 23.8%. The participation rate was 47.6%,” wrote Pierre Englebert.

MDC-A by virtue of sticking to the 2018 Harmonised Election Result as a yardstick to measure and predict the 2023 election is in danger of finding itself in shock.

MDCA must mature in politics and stop the culture of hailing ZANU PF as the victor through which MDC-T derives power to defeat them. They must start now to defeat MDC-T than to fight a war they know they are legally wrong but just fight for the sake of blaming ZANU PF at the end.

The DRC wave is right at the corner. MDC-A must start politics of defeat not politics of tarnishing MDCT’s image. Such politics is nonsensical in that it cement ZANU PF superiority complex.

My last question is; if they cannot defeat MDC-T because of ZANU PF how then can they defeat the later?

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