The developments at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (Harvest House) clearly indicates a Nichodemous coming back to the Interim Camp led by leader Thokozani Khupe.

My own analysis of the situation is that, the Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T camp in the MDC-A have reached the last end of its rope.

Chamisa grabbed power from his predecessor Morgan Richard Tsvangirai while his rivals Mudzuri and Interim Vice President, Thokozani Khupe were busy at the Humanikwa Village in Buhere on burial arrangements.

He led violence using the Vanguards against his rivals in which Khupe and Mwonzora escaped tortured in a hut in Tsvangirai’s home land.

Quickly, he consolidated his power by purging party carders, replacing them with his loyalists and appointments from the Law Society and the G40. A number of them were recalled while 2014 structures altered and infiltrated. Thanks to Douglas Mwonzora who resisted and reversed many recalls as the SG – the MDCT could have died a natural death.

He took advantage of the support from the MDC prodigal sons mainly Biti and Welshman who gave him confidence, power and zeal. Ncube himself made some vomital claims that Tsvangirai anointed and affirmed to him Chamisa as his successor.

Another credit goes to the right hand man, Murisi Zvizvai, Charlton Hwende, the controversial Morgan Komichi and the Youth Wing (Vanguards) who propagated the ***Chete Chete Mantra***  Chamisa was portrayed as a dummy god of the MDC, with divine power.

Fortunately, the 2017 coup in the ZANU PF created a rift between ZANU PF Lacoste and ZANU PF G40. Chamisa got support and resources from the G40 to propel him to power and work as a tool to remove ZANU PF.

To reinforce his position, all the resources and effort was placed on the presidency at the expense of the parliamentary, senatorial, local council and mayorship. Chamisa gunnered more than 2 million votes and even more than his legislatures collectively. This 2 m plus votes became a legitimate and legal code for Chamisa to lead the MDC and the Alliance.

The power and strength of Chamisa was affirmed through the inauguration ceremony held in Harare where everyone was compelled to recognise Chamisa as the winner of the disputed and stolen 2018 election and undisputed successor of the late Morgen Richard Tsvangirai.

The next move was to cement the power of Chamisa by means of a Gweru Congress presided, convened and financed by Prof Welshman Ncube. In this election Mwonzora was purged and humiliated for his desire to challenge Chamisa. The Alliances Agreement signed by 7 principals of the parties that formed MDCA was dissolved and a unique brand, the MDCA was born as a new party.

In his last attempt, Chamisa and his right hand men vowed to oppose the Supreme Court Ruling.

However, this marked first visible fall of Nelson Chamisa. I call this a first visible fall because in his previous actions Chamisa was accumulating for himself a royal road path to his fall. Everything he did, he was scheming for his fall.

Soon after the SC Judgement, the controversial Komichi (his right-hand-man) joined the rebels (Mwonzora and Mudzuri) and recognised the SC. Quickly, Chamisa and Khupe were all recognised as illegal. The legal 2014 structures were restored.

Chamisa went mute for days his only visible actions were the alterations of his Facebook and Twitter accounts from MDC President / People’s President to simply Nelson Chamisa.

This was followed by his expulsion from MDCT, expulsion and recall of all councilors and legislatures who disregarded the SC ruling and the re-occupation of the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (party HQ) and other provincial and district offices.

The MDCT worsened Chamisa’s woes by grabbing the party name and the 2018-2023 Campaign and election code- MDCA. The legality part of it is still pending in the judicial system.

The final action now is the occupation of the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House by the MDCA Youth masquerading as the MDC 2014 structure that is determined to restore Constitutionalism and Democracy in line with the Supreme Court ruling.

These claims were raised by Bvondo who is one of the Youth Leaders. According to Bvondo in a statement at the party HQ they have acted as the 2014 Structure Youth Leadership and they are calling all the party leadership from the two wings MDCA and MDCT to find each other and resolve their dispute.

I clearly see this as a rampant action by Chamisa who is trying to tour the party line by means of forced action by the party youth. So far there is no comment from the MDCT faction in the MDCA.

However, the MDCT main have already reiterated its position through party interim SG, Douglas Mwonzora. He accuses these Youth and label them MDCA Youth belonging not to the 2014 structures but Nelson Chamisa.

“They’re not in a position to make demands. They’re in a weak position legally and physically… They are Chamisa’s people. It’s a question of time, we will take our building.”

Mwonzora also claims that these youths are a G40 instrument.

 “were organised and funded by G40 to take our building. They have taken it unlawfully and using violence. We will take back our building.”

It seems Mwonzora is also not aware of Chamisa’s intent.

I’m confident that with time many will give an ear to my analysis.

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