Chikomba Hadware, one of the hardware which entered an agreement to supply farmers with hardware materials at Chitekete Growth Point as cotton companies failed to pay farmers with cash as usual, faced stiff resistance from farmers as it tried to supply new cement which parents were not comfortable with.

The major issue was that farmers had signed for the PPC cement which they are used to and this Diamond Cement was a surprise to them.

I signed for PPC Cement not this trash they are giving me,” said headman Velapi.

According to these farmers the prize at which this Diamond cement is sold by this businessman, who is also the MP in that area is exorbitant.

People are buying this Midlands Cement at a cost of $650 RTGS in other areas.  He (Chikomba) is selling his own at $900RTGS. Thus, milking the farmers. They must reject such corruption,” Said by-stander who was imbibing beer on the veranda.

This season cotton companies failed to pay farmers in cash thus they struck agreements with major hardware shops at Chitekete so that they would supply farmers with hardware material they may require.

Following the closure of Ecocash, it was then difficult for cotton companies to pay farnaers, thus resolute to such an agreement.

At first companies paid their clients by ecocash. These agent lines were later banned and due to cash crisis companies could not afford to pay the farmers. Thus, they resolved to pay in groceries and hardware,” said the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) agent.

The Cotton companies allowed farmers to enter into hardware schemes with hardware and wholesale companies.

Thus, at Chitekete Business Centre, local farmers signed agreements with hardware such as Chikomba and Demawatema hardwares.

However, the agreements did not end well as farmers and builders found corrupt tendencies by the hardware.

However, My Gokwe failed to talk to the Manager or the Hardware owner because they were pre-occupied by that time.

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